Sherbet Queen strain


Sherbet Queen’s popularity is a celebration of her royal lineage. An impressively potent Indica-dominant cannabis strain, Sherbet Queen from Royal Queen Seeds is bred to blind your senses with incredible 24%THC and fruity flavors, while inducing a long and rewarding high marked by a powerful cerebral boost.

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Sherbet Queen – Versatile Plant With Medium Yields

Developed by Royal Queen Seeds, this strain is the creation of a cross between Sunset Sherbet, a unique phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies, and Pink Panties, a Kush descendant.

Sherbet Queen comes with extreme power and potency, beautiful aromas, resilience, and an equally balanced impactful high, all credited to its solid genetics.

The Sherbet Queen plant gives off vibrant orange pistils that glisten in the sun. A thankfully pliant hybrid, it requires very little maintenance during the vegetative and flowing stages, a factor which makes up for her moderate yields. In the indoor setting, the strain produces moderate buds and average yields of 450 to 525g/m² after 7-9 weeks of flowering. Sherbet Queen strain

However, indoor growers are required to monitor humidity levels carefully. Outdoor growers can fully appreciate the sensory delight the Queen provides, and get 450-500g/plant in late September or early October. Sherbet Queen strain

  • Suited for all kinds of growers from the novice to the experienced veteran.
  • Prefers warm climates if grown outdoors.
  • Sativa 15%, Indica 85%.

A Seductive Mix of Delicious Flavors and Potency

Sherbet Queen breaks the stereotypes which surround Indica-dominant hybrids. Instead of a sedative couch lock effect, it provides an uplifting high, powerful enough to relax your mind and body, still leaving you mobile and able to have a productive day. Sherbet Queen strain

Her delicious earth flavors and floral aroma complete the package, thereby, endearing her to both recreational and medicinal users alike.


Ounce(Oz), 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, 1 pound


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