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SWEET ZZ Strain is the hybrid of Zkittlez that we have created wanting to give a more personal touch to this special cultivar. Result of the crossing of two different phenos we selected from Zkittlez Z3, Z & Z is a robust plant, with an abundant and compact flowering with aromas of fresh tropical fruit, very sweet that remain for a long time when you smoking it, making each Puff a delight. Easy to grow, it is a strain that we recommended for outdoor and indoor grows, finishing in 8 weeks indoors, and early October outdoors. Its effect is relaxing while awake, so you can smoke throughout the day, but with moderation.

Sweet ZZ is a cross between Grape Ape and Grapefruit that really lives up to its name. It has an incredibly sweet aroma and flavour, with many users reporting a smoke laced with hints of candy. Although Sweet ZZ is indica-dominant, you will definitely feel some of the sativa effects of this strain.


Sweet ZZ came into existence after Grape Ape and Grapefruit decided to merge. This variety develops approximately 22% THC, which is considered quite potent. The effects induced by this strain are on the heavier side, and quite relaxing overall. It’s an 80% indica and 20% sativa, which explains the more down-tempo and chilled sensations. The berry and grape aromas are evident upon inhaling each and every toke of this strain.

When Sweet ZZ plants are grown indoors, they produce approximately 550-600g/m² after the 7–9-week flowering phase comes to an end. Outdoor growers will receive around 500-550g/plant when harvest rolls around in late-September. Sweet ZZ develops a large main bud with smaller buds ornamenting the side branches.


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