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Granddaddy Purple strain is an ultra-popular strain that consists of 24% of the THC level. This strain contains delicious candy flavours. It is a mixture of the Big Buds and the Purple Urkle strains, and the packs are in a punch.

When taken, this strain makes you feel relaxed and excellent. Besides having a bold effect that is suitable for treating mental and sensory issues, this weed strain tastes like the berries, candy, and the grapes.

For the past years, Granddaddy Purple has been known as a world-renowned plant; its high standing nature and its benefits influenced the entire world. The Granddaddy Purple strain was introduced in California as a medical drug by a medical man who believed that the presence of cannabis strain and marijuana strain would transform many patients’ lives.

Due to this, the Granddaddy Purple strain was exposed to the world officially in 2003.  Although its exposure to the world was a process that needed time and scientific proof before the conclusion, it was made possible by the medicine man.

Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Strain Appearance

The appearance of Granddaddy Purple buds is dense, massive, and covers the full beauty of the crop.   Its bright green leaves blend well together with the plant’s purple colour that shows the fantastic flower’s potential.

Further, its yellow-orange pistils that are curvy and twisted around the leaves and topped off with a THC layer that is thick and crystalline-like, brings out the design of the fresh layer of the snow that seems like it has fallen on the nuggets.  This Granddaddy Purple strain appears exciting and attractive. A person can be tempted to have their own to discover more on their own.

 Granddaddy Purple Weed Strain Fragrance

Making a statement on Granddaddy Purple weed strain buds as stunning is an understatement; the plant is unique and with attractive buds. This weed strain is among the famous purple color cannabis strains in the United States of America. It is valued due to its outstanding shades and the exotic aroma similar to candy.

The scent of the plant is delicious, and you will fall in love with the first smell. When the buds get older, the aroma increases, thus making it an attractive plant to have around. Every person who comes across this weed strain comes with a flattering compliment regarding its smell. It contains a distinctive smell present in the cannabis market.

Granddaddy Purple Marijuana Strain Flavor

The flavour is unique, smooth, and pleasant, and it is appetizing when smoked; it brings the taste of candy grapes.  The flavour of Granddaddy Purple strain is excellent with a sweet flavor highly demanded by the users. When consumed, the taste buds will immediately recognize its taste of the berries, grapes, and other sweet taste.

Positive Effects

This cannabis strain contains a robust mental health effect. It helps in calming down the thoughts of a person to end up with a calm brain. Every person needs a relaxed mind, and that’s what exactly this strain does to your body.

It is a powerful sleeping aid that is perfect to use at night hours as it brings natural sleep with a relaxed mind. Not only does the plant help in relieving from stress, but it also leaves a person happy and comfortable.

Negative Effects

The use of this cannabis strain can lead to several paranoia onsets, anxiety, and lots of thoughts.  A person who is sensitive to induced paranoia should stay away from this weed strain or any form of cannabis strain. Most users are seen to have a dry mouth, also known as cottonmouth, and dry eyes, shortly after the intake of this marijuana strain.

The symptoms have less management, and they can be solved by using wet clothes and a glass of water to stay hydrated before and after using this cannabis strain. Besides, it can be managed by using moisturizing eye drops before consuming it to avoid the discomfort that comes with its usage.

Medical Use

The fact is that Granddaddy Purple origin is for the medical patient to use in the entire California.  Some people assume that this cannabis strain is packed with a lot of healing components; the assumption is right.

Granddaddy Purple cannabis strain is utilized for several medical conditions and diseases, both mental and physical.  Physically, this cannabis strain is reliable in curing pain and more useful to people suffering from chronic pain. Usually, pain weakens the body system faster if not handled in time. Typically, this strain has spread all over California since the discovery of its healing power.

Further, this weed strain is useful in increasing appetite, effective in treating depression, stress, and anxiety.  Depressed and stressed people have consumed this weed strain to find relief.

This cannabis plant discovered in the United States provides healing power to people who have insomnia, a disease where a person lacks sleep. It makes the person get a natural sleep that makes an individual rest relaxed. “Top 20 flowers in Arizona”


In conclusion, the Granddaddy Purple strain offers various medical uses to help people lead healthy lives. Anyone seeking relief from insomnia, depression, stress, lack of appetite, and anxiety should consider taking this cannabis strain. It contains a combination of strong Indica sedative effects, and the cerebral effects of the Sativa. This strain is not only seen as a great plant with high yields, but also a plant with healing power.


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