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Super Lemon Haze Strain Review

Super Lemon Haze strain, or Super Lemon, has been around long enough to be known by many marijuana lovers. The strain was brought to the attention of many marijuana users during the 2008/2009 High Times Cannabis Cup, where Super Lemon Strain won in the two years.

After that triumphant win, Super Lemon Haze strain became a household name among users and non-users.

During the IC420 Growers Cup in 2010, Super Lemon strain took home the first prize, becoming a novel cannabis strain to remain in the top position for at least three consecutive years.

The breeder knew what exactly he was doing because, after successfully breeding the little known Super Silver Strain (SSS) that won the cannabis trophy for three consecutive years (1997-1999), he sought to do something else – breed Super Lemon Haze Strain.

Super Lemon Haze strain is a combination of 80% Sativa and 20% Indica.

Key Facts

  • Genetics: Super Lemon Haze strain is a cross between Super Silver Strain (SSS) with a Sativa-dominant hybrid.
  • The High:Super Lemon makes the user creative in an instant. Besides, the user remains focused, and yields in high levels of hyperactivity. Physically, the user becomes super energetic, especially during the day. When taken in high doses, the user may demand a lot of food because it provokes the appetite.
  • Hybrid ratio:This marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with 80% Sativa and 20% Indica content.


  • THC level:Super Lemon Hazed strain has a THC level of 20.5%.
  • Grow information: You can grow Super Lemon Haze indoors, outdoors, or even inside a greenhouse. However, you must know that the harvest will vary, and depending on a variety of things, you are likely to harvest more when you grow Super Lemon Haze outdoors as opposed to when you grow indoors or under a shade. Moderate temperatures are what you need to maintain. A little sun will not cause any harm.


There is no doubt that you will fall for this marijuana strain. It hits you with a pungent and skunky aroma. The smell is also spicy, the illus of burning incense. The next thing you will feel about Super Lemon Haze is the sugary citrus taste. Before you have it on the table, Super Lemon Haze will already have a beautiful look. The thick-layered resinous trichomes that glitter is a clear indicator that the strain is what you miss. The buds are incredibly sugary, and the deep green lemonade colour crowns it all.


Super Lemon Haze tends to elevate the moods once taken. The body relaxes once a liberal amount of the juice settles in. A substantive amount of mental focus, energetic feeling, and aggravated mental alertness are some effects of this strain.

Grow Information

Anyone can grow this marijuana strain as long as it is legal within his/her jurisdiction. You do not need vast experience to breed this strain. You can do it indoors or outdoors. However, Super Lemon Haze does well in a greenhouse. The strain has immeasurable strength to deal with pests, bugs, mould, mildew, and certain diseases.


With enough space, Super Lemon Haze can produce good yields. Usually, when mature, the stalk is tall. If you prefer outdoors, you require a sunny environment, while a shade will require a mild yet warm climate.

If you want to achieve a taste potent, add more foliage to the soil for added nutrition. A mature Super Lemon Haze will start to flower at the 8/9 week, and you are likely to harvest approximately 28 oz for every square meter if cultivated indoors while you can get up to 35 oz from the same area if you grow the strain outdoors. “Should recreational marijuana be legal.”

Medical Uses

Super Lemon Haze is used help people with a lack of appetite, nausea, chronic pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and stress.

Side Effects

Some of the reported side effects include cottonmouth and dry eyes. Overuse of this strain may also result in dehydration. To counter dry mouth effect, ensure you take a lot of fluids while to get rid of dry eyes, use eye drops.


Super Lemon Haze is not new. The strain has been around longer than most of its peers. Its history, growing information; hybrid combinations are all known to us. You have no reason not to taste or even grow this marijuana strain if need be. Lab tests indicate that it has several medical users and shows itself up in diverse ways in different users. Overuse of Super Lemon Haze will cause dehydration.


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