Mode precision dosing vape


This more modestly priced vape allows you to personalize your dose down to the milligram so you don’t get too much — or too little, for that matter.

Buy Mode precision dosing vape USA | Mode precision dosing vape

Real-Time Dose Control

Adjust with a touch.

Using Mode’s intuitive Touch Slider™ adjust your dose with precision down to the milligram.

Product Compatibility

Any product. Any strain.

Mode is compatible with the universal 510 threaded cartridge, giving you the freedom to enjoy a multitude of strains from trusted brands.

Quick-Snap™ Connector

Swap it with a snap.


No screwing and twisting to change out your different 510 cartridges. Swap it with a snap of Mode’s medical-grade silicone connector.


Battery Power

Fast charging. Long-lasting.

Quick-charge your device via USB Type C.

Medical Grade Materials

Engineered for your health.

Mode is constructed with inert and stable materials, which means the only thing entering your body is the cannabis itself. Not hazardous chemicals stemming from inferior materials.


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