Cannatonic is a rare hemp strain that is praised for its low, almost non-existent THC content and abnormally high CBD content. The total CBD levels range from 6% to 18% which is whopping compared to the less than 2% found in most other average cannabis strains! It was originally created by Resin Seeds out of Spain as a cross between MK Ultra and G13 Haze, both strains which were specifically chosen for their powerful cerebral and intense psychoactive high. Cannatonic is one of the best medicinal CBD strains and is often sought to treat pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, anxiety, migraines and many more ailments. Most phenotypes and cuts of Cannatonic have stayed true to the original appearance and flavour wise, exhibiting long, fluorescent green buds and a midly sweet, citrus-like aroma.

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Cannatonic is an uncommon and unusual hemp flower strain that is globally renowned for its high CBD concentration and little-to-none THC levels. This strain was originally bred by the talented Resin Seeds team out of Spain with the intentions of creating a world class medicinal strain with as little psychoactive effects as possible.

The seed breeders and cultivators chose to cross a female MK Ultra plant with a male G13 Haze plant in particular to create Cannatonic. MK Ultra and G13 Haze were sought out for their potential medicinal qualities – MK Ultra was chosen for its calming,

cerebral high and G13 Haze was selected for its intense body numbing qualities.

Don’t be fooled by the meager 2% or less THC concentration of this hybrid strain!

The secret of Cannatonic lies within the abnormally high CBD levels which on average range from 6% upwards of 18%!

As a result of the higher CBD concentrations, Cannatonic is considered one of the most effective medicinal strains and is often sought to help with the treatment of pain, inflammation, hunger, anxiety, depression and many physical and physiological conditions.

Most modern day cuts and phenotypes of this sweet hybrid have stayed true to the original physical characteristics.

As a result of its sativa parentage, Cannatonic displays long and hairy cone-shaped buds.

The aroma is surprisingly sweet and citrus-like for an indica-dominant hybrid strain, with earthy undertones that are further accentuated by mild lemon-like notes.


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