Big Chief CDT Cartridges 1G – Green Crack

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Product Description

There are few strains compare to Big Chief’s Green Crack. The sharp energy and focus in this sativa-dominant strain induces an exhalirating mental buzz that keeps you motivated throughout the day.

With a tangy, fruity flavor reminiscent of mango, Green Crack is a great daytime strain that may help fight fatigue, stress, and depression


Taste: Citrus, Mango, Skunk

Feel: Energetic, Focused, Social


About this strain: Green Crack

Green Crack is said to be a cross between a 1989 Super Sativa Seed Club, a Skunk #1, and an Afghani landrace.

The strain was reportedly named Cush by its original breeder, Cecil C., then renamed Green Crack by Snoop Dogg to refer to what the rapper and cannabis activist perceived as potent, sativa-like effects.

The strain won 3rd place for Best Sativa at the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015.

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